Monday, March 8, 2010

Bold Bags and Bracelets

This weekend I was busy in my sewing room. I finished my 2 amber wristlets, made 3 ruffle cuffs, 12 braided bracelets, and one new tote, for me! (well the tote anyway) It was great and my poor sewing room is in shambles now. Fabric piled up, patterns strewn across the floor, bits of string and scraps caught in the carpet; scissors, tape measures, pin get the idea. I should get in there and clean it right away, but I feel a bit tired so I am just gonna save that for another day. This is was I made out of that mess:

My new tote. I love this print by Heather Bailey

Amber Wristlet in Olive

Amber Wristlet in Brownie

Reversible Ruffle Cuffs

The Other Side of the Ruffle Cuffs

Set of Braided Bangles in Sunshine

Set of Braided Bangles in Moon

Stack of Multicolored Braided Bangles


~Courtney said...

OMG that tote is To.Die.For. Just the other day I got a compliment on the pink and brown bag you made me a couple of years ago!

Saving Capulet said...

I cant pick which item is my fav! all of them looks soooooo pretty!!