Sunday, March 7, 2010

Strictly Business Card

Yippee! My new business card stamp arrived today! I decided to go with a simple stamp because I didn't want to rely on (or pay) some other person to create a card for me right now. I could have just printed them out on my computer, but I love the way stamps look. They look a bit worn and smudged, a bit vintage.

The logo from my stamp was sketched up by my creative husband. It is meant to subtly resemble a sun that is embroidered by a single piece of thread. A nod to my shop's name, sewnsunday. The creator of my stamp was Jessica Lynn from JLMould. She did a wonderful job! I would highly recommend you work with her on your next stamp creation.

I decided to put my stamp on some bright textured cardstock. I think it is bold and simple. Hopefully it will grab people's attention and they will stick one in their purse when they are shopping at Textures.


Saving Capulet said...

I prefer this kind of card rather than the ones which were printed out so yay!

JessicaLynn said...

Kristin it was wonderful to work wtih you! I just love your photos that feature the stamps! Your husband did a great job with the art. I look forward to working with you again soon!!

Take Care,
Jessica Lynn

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the stamp you went's charming...!

I think i'll have a look at your etsy site now...

ciao bella...and thanks for coming by

~Courtney said...

Super duper cute!

LINDSAY said...

What a cute card! This would be perfect to have on hand, so you'd never run out. I hate noticing I'm running low on cards, then have to pay overnight shipping on new printed ones. I'll mark her shop for sure!