Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Beautiful Brayer

I have a new favorite tool. My Brayer. It is so fun to use, but even more amazing is its ability to patina. It naturally gets the look I am going for as I paint my fabrics. Try as I may, none of my projects ever turn out as stunning as my chipping splattered brayer.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Pretty Sweet

Katy from Winsome Hollow just notified me that she featured some of my vintage wallpaper on her beautiful blog. It is just a lovely and inspirational blog. She also sells her wares on Etsy. This is one of my favorite items that she has hand stitched:

song - wool and fabric soft house

My Spirits are Lifting

This has been a really hard week for me. It started beautifully with a day off of work and some great news. Then it went down hill. Lots of disappointment, a bit of worry, and some was tough. But through it all I have tried to keep perspective. I have also tried to keep busy. I love this new medium. Painted fabric. Here are some new, inspired items I have made. A wonderful new clutch and butterfly brooch. There's nothing like getting into that creative place to make you feel happy and full. Life is good.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Creations

I did it! I tried something new. I have been so inspired lately that I finally went out to Micheals, bought a whole bunch of paint and supplies and then went to town on some of my fabric scraps. I had so much fun painting. I told myself that it may not turn out just like I imagined, but not to be just go for it and have fun. So I did. I painted and stamped; I sewed and I cut; I just went for it and in the process I churned out a few cuffs and a clutch. I enjoyed every moment and can't wait to make more!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Trying Something New

I bought this great magazine (more like a book), "Sew Somerset" over Christmas break. After looking through all the beautiful pages I was very inspired to try something new. I love making my little bags and fabric jewelry, but I have found it can get a little tedious and I really enjoy the creative process of "piecing" things together. I love making anything out of my scraps. My patchwork bags are my favorite bags to make.

I love vintage fabric, buttons, stamps, postcards, beads.... I also love trying new things, needle felting, stamping, print making, embroidery. After reading "Sew Somerset" I realized I could try to incorporate my favorite collectibles and interests in with my sewing projects. I don't know quite how to start. I think I will start small with a little cuff or something. Since it is Saturday morning and my night-owl husband will be in bed for a few more hours, I should go get started now! Maybe I will have something new to post soon!