Sunday, March 28, 2010

Library Totes

I made these two library totes last week...thought I'd let you take a peek before I set out to sewing something else this Sunday:

This was made from an old quilt top that someone had already pieced together and left behind. The fabrics must have been bits and pieces of leftovers from the previous owner. They were all randomly sized and the colors even clashed a bit. That is why I like it.
It carries with it a vintage and bohemian quality.

The other side of the vintage quilt top library tote.

This tote was sewn from this marvelous print from Joel Dewberry.
Love the colors and the little birdies and deeries.
Hopefully it will make someone else so happy...


Saving Capulet said...

those are the prettiest totes ever! they look so feminine and vintage and elegant! lovely!!


Don't you just love going to the library with one of these in hand! I always carry a fabric, cloth, handmade bag of some sort....
I even have a crocheted bag that I's my current obsession!

These are just gorgeous! I love that it's reused fabrics!!!

ciao bella
creative carmelina