Saturday, February 13, 2010

Wanna Make a Keychain?

This past Sunday I spent time catching up on some little sewing projects. I needed to sew some key-chains for the fabulous brick-and-mortar store, Textures. The owner, Maggie, a very kind and creative soul told me they were running low. I thought I'd take a few pictures of the journey from scrap bin to key keeper...

First, I pick sets of coordinating scraps from my large collection.

Then I cut them out in this curvy hourglass shape.

I add some fusible fleece to one side of the pair.

I pin them together and stitch,
leaving an opening for turning the piece.

I trim off the seam allowance to get rid of bulk.

After I turn the piece, I top-stitch around the edge.

Then I sew each piece to a big key ring
and add the final bit...a vintage button.

Finally, they are ready to carry someone's key collection!


Anonymous said...

sew simple...and such a wonderful use of scraps! I am sooooo inspired to do that with my remnants...i never have the heart to throw them out..and with these key chains...not a lot of fabric is needed to make something so practicle....



Saving Capulet said...

oh! they look soo soo wonderful!!