Thursday, February 4, 2010

Leftovers add up to Something Yummy!

I love my fabric scraps. It is so hard for me to throw something out. You never know if you might need a small piece of fabric for a little accessory, applique, or patchwork bag. Last weekend I decided to paint some of my scraps. The little bits and pieces were like mini pieces of art. It wasn't until tonight that I decided what to do with some of them.

A collection of painted scraps

All laid out in a color combo I like

Ready to stitch together


More stitching...

All stitched up

Sewn into a clutch. This is the back.

I appliqued the front a bit because I loved that
piece with the berry sun burst and wanted to highlight it.
The final product. I think I have more fun sewing
scraps than large and perfectly fresh yardage.

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