Saturday, February 6, 2010

PJ Saturday

Don't you just love Saturday? I have gotten in the really bad habit (or good habit, depending on how you look at it) of spending the whole day in my PJs. I wake up and make myself a big fattening breakfast. Today it was pancakes, bacon, and eggs. I have at least two huge mugs of hot tea and sit down to watch some of my dvr shows. I watched the latest Project Runway and Launch my Line this morning. Then I usually get busy doing chores and hopefully a crafty-type project. Today, while still donning my sheep pajama pants, I got busy on something that I have never done before but have been longing to try forever.

I used a rather large piece of wooden board that has been the canvas for several of my former craft projects. The latest being a painting of a super-sized tropical flower, which had a piece of fun fabric stapled over it because it was not "wall worthy". I used it to create a collage with bits and pieces of vintage wallpaper from my etsy shop, gingerscraps. After I glued down the wallpaper, I got out my paint and stamps and created this 3 ft. by 2 ft. piece.

The inspirational phrase I stamped came from something that I have come to truly believe. That the journey that you have in your life, the things that you choose for yourself and the things that happen to you, all add up to who you become. You should have no regrets for the mistakes, losses, and missed opportunities. You should hold close to your creations, loved ones, and choices. All these things add up to make you who you are. Embrace those things, for they make you, You!

All that to say, I was in my PJs until about 6:45 pm, when I finally took a shower, ate some dinner...and got in some nice clean PJs for the evening.


~Courtney said...

It's fantastic. Just like you! I've had those pj days...only difference is that I would have slept in the same ones again!

Saving Capulet said...

hello there, ive just followed your blog and wow you are super talented, i love your taste and how you put the fabrics and designs together, it has that classic and vintage charm! its very adorable :D