Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Texas Road Trippin'

I finally am ready to share some pictures of our trip to Texas. Many of you know that while I live in Florida, Texas is my home. After a few days in New Orleans, our road trip took us home. Home to open fields and beautiful blue skies...except for the Hurricane. We started our trip in Galveston where we met my parents and my sister's family just in time for Hurricane Alex. Though it was not anything like they got in south Texas, it kept us from spending our days laying out on the beach.

We went to NASA instead where there were demonstrations, movies, and hands on fun for the kids.

The clouds finally broke as we left the coast and we went on to visit Austin, San Antonio, and Fort Worth.

It was a great trip and I had the best time visiting with family; finally seeing my grandparents after way too long. Notice the photo behind them; their wedding picture.

We had great food the whole time...nothing beats Texas BBQ.

I loved spending time with my niece and nephews:

Natalie, who was difficult to take pictures of because she either made a face or hid.

Andrew, who took "hours" to decide what to spend his money on (there were just too many choices).

James, who learned how to sew like his aunt Krissy!

I also made a side trip to Oklahoma to catch up with my best friends. I want to share a few of those pictures with you later.

Jason and I had fun together despite the rain and busy schedule. We have really learned how to do road trips together. Some how driving across the country has a way of bringing two people closer. Though we were sick of the car we came away from the trip happy and renewed.
Thanks, Texas!

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