Sunday, August 22, 2010

4 Simple Goals

So much has been going on the last few weeks. My husband just returned from a trip to Rwanda last week after a very sad and tragic event. While he was away from me, I did a lot of thinking. Even before he left, I was kind of going through some stuff, we both have been actually. Good stuff. The kind of thoughts and ideas that make you realize what is most important. Priorities, values, all those important life issues...we have been mulling over a lot lately. That is why I felt compelled to join in the 4 Simple Goals (before 2011....) group started by Elise Flannigan. I love her idea of making the goals positive and life enriching.

Here are my 4 goals:

1. Sew/Craft for pure pleasure at least once a month for me or my home...not just for my shops. I tend to try to keep up with making my "personal markets" fresh and new sometimes to the detriment of crafting for fun. Sewing is just a hobby for me. I have a job that keeps me really busy. Sometimes I get so caught up in trying to market and sell my wares that I lose the love of the craft.

2. Stretch everyday. Pilates, yoga, or just a good reaching for the toes. I get so stiff everyday and always feel good if I take some time to just breath deep and strrrreeetch!

3. Take a trip each month to St. Marks to see what has changed. St. Marks Wildlife Refuge is a wonderful swampy area close to home where the ocean meets the river. Complete with a lighthouse, alligator sightings, and amazing Dr. Suess-like foliage. This place is unlike any other. I always feel more alive and inspired after visiting this piece of the earth.

4. Call my sister more often. We are both a bit introverted and she is a very busy mother of three. In the last few months she has been a rock-solid friend. I love her so much and need to be proactive in keeping up with her life. Erin I am sorry, but I am going to be bugging you a bit more often.

Wish me luck in keeping my goals! Thanks Elise for the inspiration!

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