Saturday, July 17, 2010

Hat Happy

While on vacation I was inspired to try some new hat designs. It was a bit of a challenge, not working with a pattern, but I think they turned out kinda cute. I would like to get better at the hat making process. I have dreams of being like Piper and Paisley or Sparky Jones. LOVE these two shops.
Pink Floral Kick-Pleat Cloche
It is kinda cool the way the wind started blowing when I took this picture. Do you recognize the fabric?
Country Bumpkin Kick-Pleat Cloche
Looks like a modern day bonnet in a way. Kinda silly, but I think it is fun.

They are both in my shop now.


ana said...

that first hat is adorable!! :D too cute.

Fallon said...

Cute hats! The second is eapecially wonderful =)