Tuesday, July 20, 2010

African Clutch Designed by....

I have created a new listing for my shop. A simple little clutch made with fabulous fabric that the customer gets to choose. The fun part about it (besides picking your own fabric) is that I am going to take 50% of the proceeds from each bag and give it to a charity that is near and dear to my heart.

Some of you may already know that my husband has been spending a good part of his summer for the last three years, in Rwanda. It all started with research for his dissertation, but it has become more than just that. It has been life changing. I was able to join him in Rwanda the summer of '08. While we were there we made so many amazing friends. One of the special souls that we had the privilege of meeting was Pastor David. Pastor David is one of those people that really makes an impression. He is a very gentle spirit with a huge heart. He has taken on many projects to try and improve the lives of others in his community. For example, he has an after school program for children, grows a very large garden to help sustain and support his neighbors, and he runs a program that teaches widows the art of tailoring so that they can learn a skill that will allow them to be self-sufficient and care for their families. He does this with kindness and compassion without seeking anything in return.

Pastor David telling a story to his little neighbors.

Pastor David showing off his beautiful garden.

The women in Rwanda wear these stunning clothes created with African Wax-Print fabric. You see the fabric everywhere on the streets in Butare. It adds pops of color to the already beautiful landscape. While I was there I bought some fabric and my husband has also brought me back fabric from his trips. I now have a nice collection of this fabric.

Women from the tailoring class dressed in the beautiful prints.

I decided to use the fabric I have collected to raise a little money for Pastor David and his sewing school. So each time one of my custom bags sells, I will "sock away" 1/2 of it to send off to Pastor David. Here are some of the choices of fabrics that I have (I am hoping that Jason will get me a few more when he returns from his trip this year):

I am not sure how much money I will raise with this little endeavor, but I know that each penny helps. If you know someone who might like a little African bag, pass the word on. Thanks friends! :)


{courtney} said...

Ummm...how did I NOT know he was going again this year?!?!

Alison Stevens said...

Kristin, these are beautiful! And that's such a great idea to donate some of the proceeds. I'll definitely spread the word. :)