Thursday, July 15, 2010

Drinking it all in

I spent some time today looking through all my vacation pictures. I took so many that I am a bit overwhelmed with what I want to share with all you nice people. It would've been a bit stressful had I not had the perfect treat to relax with.

One of the stops we made on our trip was to New Orleans. We had a great time (I will be sharing pictures). In New Orleans we had the most wonderful culinary experiences. Of course we had to visit Cafe Du Monde where we indulged in beignets and iced coffee. (It was too hot for anything other than iced). After eating there we promptly went and bought our own box of beignet mix and can of coffee to take home.

Today I pulled out the coffee pot that we hide away until we have company (I am a tea drinker)and I made Cafe Du Monde iced coffee. I have a feeling this coffee pot will be out on our counter a bit more often from now on. My drink was heavenly, especially after I added a squirt of chocolate. Yum!!!

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