Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tutorial: Reusable Grocery Bag Pocket

Does anyone else have trouble remembering to take their reusable grocery bags to the store? I do! I realized that it would help me remember if I could just carry a bag easily in my purse. I have all of these slick, reusable bags that end up in the floor of the car on on the counter at home because they don't easily fold up and stay put in my purse. I decided to do something about it. Here is how I solved my problem. I made a little bag for my bag!
You will need:

pre-made reusable sack like these from Amazon
small fabric scrap (about 7x7 inches)
1/4 inch wide elastic
sewing machine

Start with a 7 x 7 inch scrap of fabric.
(Your fabric square may need to be bigger, depending on the size of your bag.)

To form the casing:
fold over one side about 1/4 inch, then again about 1/2 inch. Press.

Stitch near the edge of the fold.

Cut about 4 3/4 inches of the elastic.
I put a large safety pin through the end to help pull it through the "tunnel.

Pull the elastic through being very careful... don't want to pull the elastic all the way though.
Line up the edge of the elastic with the outside of the tunnel and stitch.
Back stitch several times to secure it.

Pull the elastic all the way through the other side and stitch that side down securely.

Fold your pocket in half, right sides together and pin.

Stitch around the edge leaving about a 1/2 inch seam.
I didn't want to mess with pretty seams so I just pinked the edges.

Pin the new pocket to the inside seam of your grocery sack
about 1-2 inches from the top of the bag.

Make sure to pin the pocket inside out.
I made that rookie mistake the first time and it wasn't cute!

Stitch the bag and pocket securely together.
I did two lines of stitching.

Walla! All stitched up.
Now, when your bag is emptied and you are ready throw it into your purse,

just tuck it into your little pocket...

Keep tucking...

There you go! Toss it in your purse and go. Now no excuses, you can't forget your reusable bags anymore!


~Courtney said...

Sheer genius!

Valerie said...

Clever. Very clever.

smidge girl said...

Super smart, and Wow! You write a great tutorial! I'm not very seamstress-y, but I really have the urge to try this now :) Thanks for writing this up!

ana said...

stumbled upon your blog & i love it! this is a great tutorial...i guess i should dust off the ol'sewing maching and give it a shot. :)