Monday, June 14, 2010

The Little Things that make Life Sweet (or Unsweet)

It is funny how something as small as the glass you choose to drink out of can make your day. The small things really matter. For example, I always drink my morning tea from a certain mug on Saturday. I save that mug for Saturday I guess because it is my happy mug. I want to savor the relaxing morning. It is the only morning of the week where I am not completely zombie-like after waking up earlier than my body says I should have. On Saturdays I wake up feeling refreshed. I want the mug I use to drink my tea to match my relaxed state. It makes me happy.

It is funny how the little things can make your day. How great do you feel when you hear your favorite song on the radio, wear some new shoes, put a single rose from your garden on your table, pop a bag of popcorn with your rented movie, smell the earth right after a rain, or get an unexpected card in the mail? Sometimes the little things just happen to us; sometimes we create them.

Last week I bought a new cup. This one is not for my hot tea, but for my iced tea. Julie Guyot is an artist that sells her wares along side mine at Textures. I have always admired her work. Each of her pieces has such whimsy. She uses a lot of color, just a touch of vintage, and some unexpected elements. I love her style. Her items are perfect for creating that happy mood. I bought the tumbler above for those days when I need to create "a little thing" to make my day.

What are some of "the little things" that make your day?


Saving Capulet said...

bows! seeing them makes me really happy, earrings, rings, bags, on dresses, pins, im in love with bows <3

Court said...

Ooh, I love those tumblers. I've come close to buying a set several times; the black and white stripes on the inside call my name!
I also have a favorite handmade coffee mug that I swear makes my coffee taste better. Too bad it can't be washed in the dishwasher...that warm fuzzy feeling disappears when I have to wash it by hand. :-)

Alison Stevens said...

For me it's hearing the birds sing. Especially the finches. They always make me smile.

Valerie said...

I drink out of the same glasses almost every day. I also love sitting on my front steps every afternoon for at least a few minutes while one of the dogs is running around. :)