Friday, June 4, 2010

Happy Birthday Courtney!

Today is my beautiful friend, Courtney's, birthday. We have been close since college. We were on the same hall in our dorm during our freshman year. Years have passed since then and so many things have changed. We are far apart. She's in Oklahoma, I'm in Florida, but I always know that she is there. My best friend is there for me. We share a love for garage sales (she is the queen of thrifting), we both enjoy crafts and beautiful blogs, we love watching fun TV ("Sex in the City" and "Twin Peaks"), we have traveled to exotic (Grand Cayman) and not so exotic (Hot Springs) locales, we have shared laughter, tears, hopes, and fears. Courtney I just wanted to say....

for being such a wonderful friend and happy birthday!

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Valerie said...

Yay! So nice. Happy Birthday to a beautiful gal.