Monday, January 24, 2011

Hot Dog!

Hot Dog! I finally started going through my Christmas pictures. I know, I is already the end of January. But I had some good ones that I wanted to share. So here we are:

When my parents visited over Christmas we indulged in a bit of junk food at Dog et al in Tallahassee. This little mom-n-pop restaurant has been here for years. It is a simple place with a ton of personality. I do not often partake in this type of cuisine, but for special occasions (like baseball games or holidays) it is a treat.

Here's mom exploring St. Marks. (I will have many more pictures of this magical place soon.)

Now dad can transfer that huge record collection to CD.

Jason trying on his new shirt and tie with his coat. Like the PJ's?
We had a lot of fun visiting with my parents. We ate, we watched a bunch of movies, we exchanged gifts. It was relaxing and peaceful. Just the kind of holiday we all needed. This was our last holiday in Florida so I am so glad we got to spend it with some of my favorite people.

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