Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Here are few Halloween pictures with me and my sister. Don't you just love the groovy curtains in this first one? It looks like I may have been eating pumpkin seeds before they were toasted. Yum!

I used to love the cheep and gaudy paper decorations that we hung around the house for each holiday. It made the house so festive! (I think my sister loves her pretty princess makeup or she is just giddy from too much candy). Hope your day is crazy fun!


Valerie said...

Fun post! Growing up my favorite decoration was a paper skeleton that had brads at all of his joints so you could tape him up to the glass front door in all sorts of funny positions. I love that my own favorite memories revolve around things that didn't cost much of anything!

ana said...

adorable post. i love those decorations too :)