Friday, May 21, 2010

Pockets Anyone?

I was commissioned to create a bag for a friend of mine. She makes jewelry and wanted a bag that would carry all her jars of beads and jewelry making supplies. I stitched together this bag using a basic tote design. I added pleated pockets, 6 on each side for the jars-o-beads and then one on each end, for a grand total of 14 outside pockets. I trimmed the pockets with a mustard fabric to highlight the shape. I think it added a cute "ruffled" look to the bag.


smidge girl said...

Oooh, this is perfect! I love bags with great organization built in, this is awesome for holding beads, but still totally cute. Great execution, and I love the colors. mmmm, mustard!

Kristin Ann said...

Thanks smidge girl! I love good organization, too.

I took a look at your etsy shop. You have the COOLEST doll furniture!

Alison Stevens said...

Very nice! Need you to provide some organization in my life. :-)